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Tuttle's First Baptist Church


  • A Community of Hope in Jesus Christ            
  • In the Heart of a Great Community Since 1906

Expository Bible Preaching

This is the kind of preaching that will bring salvation and spiritual growth to your life.  Not opinion, but God's Word!


      The Lord has worked and ministered in the lives of people and families through this church for over 100 years. Many hearts and lives have been changed forever through the Word of God and the work of  His Holy Spirit.  We are very mindful of and extremely thankful for all God has done for so many people through the years, and for all He is doing today.

     First Baptist Church of Tuttle is a family of God's people; people of all ages, all backgrounds and all areas of life.  A church family that God has gathered together like raindrops into a pool of water.  A family of people drawn together to carry out the work and ministry of God's Kingdom in Tuttle.  We have been given a great heritage by the people God used to form and organize this church over 100 years ago.  As we reflect and remember all the great and wonderful things God has done in and with this church in the past, we look forward to all He wants to do in the future.

We invite you and your family to join us for life transforming Worship,

Bible Study and Fellowship at Tuttle First Baptist Church.  

                   Office phone:   405-381-2492                     Email:



Sunday School   9:30 am

    Morning Worship   10:45 am

     Discipleship    5:00 pm

      Evening Worship    6:00 pm


5:45 pm - Family Meal

6:30 pm - Prayer Force (adult worship)
                                 Youth, RA's, GA's & Mission Friends

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